The following are rental companies that you can contact directly to order upgraded equipment. 

Alex Displays | (312) 829-2948

  • Custom Shelving 
  • Upgraded furniture 

Marquee Event Rentals | (708) 237-9535

  • Linens and Table Skirting
  • Staging/Runways (4 x 8)
  • Runway Skirting
  • Ballroom Chairs
  • 36” Round Tables
  • 6’ & 8’ Tables  

Cort Furniture Rental | (201) 239-0486
Contact Stephanie Maffia |

  • Furniture Rental

AFR Furniture Rental | (630) 796-7942
Contact Ryan Campbell |

  • Furniture Rental


Note: When ordering runway staging, the maximum height of the runways should be eight (8) inches.  Skirting for staging does not come automatically and should be ordered separately.  Please reference The National Bridal Market™ when placing your order.  This will insure ease of delivery and wave any minimum order requirements.

You are not obligated to use the companies above.  They are provided solely as a resource.  Please be sure to follow any delivery and return instructions that these companies may have, as additional fees may be charged if all materials are not returned.  In some cases you may need to file Bill of Lading with the freight desk for outbound shipments.  You are responsible for all materials you rent from the time they are delivered until they are returned to them.  

Please refer to the shipping information and schedule in this manual.  Inform the rental company when materials need to be delivered and picked up.  Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. is not responsible for loss or theft of materials after they have been delivered to your Market Suite or after they have been picked up for loading out of the dock.